A fascinating documentary premieres on Nov. 19, 2013 that will explore C.S. Lewis's journey to discover evidence of intelligent design in a world filled with evil, cruelty, and suffering. more>

Excerpts of The Magician’s Twin Book Now Available Online

John West
In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis's death and the installation of a memorial to Lewis in the famous Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey, Discovery Institute Press is making ... more>

The Magician's Twin Three-Part Documentary Series

CS Lewis Web
The Magician's Twin is both a book and a three-part documentary series ... more>

Who Was C.S. Lewis?

CS Lewis Web
Watch several scholars explain who C.S. Lewis was and why he is significant in this new YouTube clip. http://youtu.be/a41TrLddB24... more>

Newly Discovered Notes Reveal C.S. Lewis's Early Doubts about Darwin

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Newly discovered notes reveal C.S. Lewis’s intense interest in the topic of evolution as well as his early skepticism of Darwin. The notes are described and quoted from for the first time in the new book The Magician's Twin.... more>

C.S. Lewis's Divine Comedy

Kathryn Lindskoog
C. S. Lewis beamed, then said "It's my Cinderella." I had just told him how much I loved The Great Divorce. ... more>